Welcome to Tio Pelon’s Salsita! We sell three delicious, authentic salsas with a real southern flavor:

  1. Our firey salsita emma with red jalapenos is a traditional taste straight from¬†Tamaulipas, Mexico; grandma Emma’s creation is a good choice for any occasion.
  2. Tio Pelon’s homemade San Antonio Tomatillo salsa includes green jalapenos, garlic, and special spices–perfect for enchiladas verdes,¬†chilaquiles, nachos, eggs, burgers, and more.
  3. Our final salsa, the Cremosa, is a savory blend of vegetable oil and green jalapenos–excellent for tacos, burgers, chips, and more.

Our salsas are lovingly hand-crafted in a local San Antonio kitchen; their recipes have been carefully selected to match the authentic flavors of the area. Choose Tio Pelon’s if you want a spicy, delicious, authentic salsa that will satisfy your salsa cravings for years to come!





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We sell all three Tio Pelon’s salsitas here in our very own online store. All three come in 8oz and 16oz containers, and are perfect for any occasion. Check us out


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Tio Pelon products can be found in select stores in and around south Texas, and if we haven’t yet made it to a store in your area, feel free to order online! Click below to find a store near you:


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